The Nkusi Story

October 2018

The Nkusi hydropower plant was commissioned in October 2018.

Watch the exciting video about the project here.

'Lessons Learned' Briefing Notes Published

June 2018

Seven Lessons Learned Briefing Notes have been published. Find the Notes here or in the download section.

GET FiT Annual Report 2017

March 2018

The GET FiT annual report of 2017 is available. Visit the GET FiT report website or download the report here.

Documentary: The Tororo Solar PV Plant

February 2018

Watch a short documentary about the Tororo Solar PV Plant here.

Launch of GET FiT Zambia

February 2018

On February 7, 2018 the cornerstone of the GET FiT Zambia program was presented in Lusaka (Zambia). Read more about the launch of GET FiT Zambia here.

Tororo Solar PV Plant Commissioned

September 2017

The 10 MW Tororo Solar North PV Power Plant was commissioned in September 2017. Click here to read more about the project and view the gallery of the inauguration ceremony.

GET FiT Annual Report 2016

March 2017

The GET FiT annual report of 2016 is now available. Visit the GET FiT report website or download the report here.

First Performance Review and Baseline Report

January 2017

The first performance review and baseline report for the GET FiT programme has been published. Find the report in the Downloads section.

Uganda Second in Fieldstone Africa Renewables Index

October 2016

Uganda climbs to second place in the Fieldstone Africa Renewables Index for renewable energy investments in Africa.

GET FiT Forum

May 2016

The GET FiT Forum took places in May 2016. All presentations can be downloaded in the Downloads section. A short documentary about the Forum can be viewed here.

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