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The GET FiT acronym stands for Global Energy Transfer Feed-in Tariff. The main objective of the GET FiT Program is to assist East African nations in pursuing a climate resilient low-carbon development path resulting in growth, poverty reduction and climate change mitigation. Roll-out of the program will start in Uganda in Phase 1.

Through the roll-out in Uganda in phase 1 of the program, a portfolio of currently 17 small-scale renewable energy generation projects promoted by private developers with a total installed capacity of roughly 160 MW will be fast-tracked. This will help to add much-needed clean generation capacity, help to strengthen regional grids and result in emissions reductions of 11 million tons of CO2.


More broadly, implementation of the GET FiT Program in Uganda should:

  • Help enhance the overall enabling environment for private investment in renewable energy through improvements in the Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff system and its application;

  • Help stabilize Ugandan power sector finances by adding least-cost generation capacity;

  • Enable Government of Uganda to pursue its ambitious electrification targets;

  • Improve the availability of long-term commercial finance for small-scale renewable energy generation projects in Uganda; and

  • Help decentralize and diversify Uganda’s energy mix, thus enhancing security of supply. 

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