Annual Reports

GET FiT Annual Report 2016
GET-FiT Annual Report 2016.pdf
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GET FiT Annual Report 2015
GET-FiT Annual Report 2015.pdf
PDF-Dokument [7.9 MB]
GET FiT Annual Report 2014
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GET FiT Annual Report 2013
GET-FiT Annual Report 2013.pdf
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GET FiT Forum 2016

Leveraging private investments in renewable energy by Kathrin Kaestle
KfW_Presentation_ GET FiT Forum.pdf
PDF-Dokument [701.7 KB]
The future of Private Sector investment in Renewable Energy in Uganda by James Baanabe
MEMD Presentation on Investment in RE [...]
PDF-Dokument [456.8 KB]
GETFiT results, achievements and challenges in an Africa perspective by Prof. Anton Eberhard
Eberhard GETFiT results and achievement [...]
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]
Climatescope Uganda by James Sprinz
GET FiT_Climatescope presentation_160530[...]
PDF-Dokument [2.3 MB]
GET FIT Expansion in Africa by Claudia von Fersen
Claudia Fersen - GET FiT Rollout.pdf
PDF-Dokument [609.7 KB]


GET FiT Performance Review and Baseline Report
GET FiT Performance Review and Baseline [...]
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Soroti Solar Plant Inauguration - Full Press Release - December 12, 2016
Soroti Solar Plant Inauguration Press Re[...]
PDF-Dokument [135.1 KB]
PwC Trade Finance Summer 2014
PDF-Dokument [542.5 KB]
GET FiT Developers Workshop
GET FiT Developers ES Workshop.pdf
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World Bank PRG
PID document providing information on program´s rationale, components and implementation details
Uganda PRG _ Project Information Documen[...]
PDF-Dokument [160.1 KB]

Stakeholder Meeting April 9th, 2013

UECCC´s presentation
on attracting finance in early project stages held at the occasion of the GET FiT Stakeholder Meeting on April 9th, 2013.
PDF-Dokument [717.5 KB]
Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund Presentation
held at the occasion of the GET FiT Stakeholder Meeting on April 9th, 2013.
Get Fit Uganda April 2013.pdf
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GET FiT Information Letter
GET FiT Info Brief.pdf
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Information on MIGA Facility
PDF-Dokument [189.2 KB]
IFC Performance Standards (2012)
PDF-Dokument [840.8 KB]
Uganda REFiT Guidelines (2012)
PDF-Dokument [436.6 KB]
KfW Energy SSA flyer
PDF-Dokument [1.6 MB]
Uganda REFiT Guidelines (2016)
Uganda-REFIT-Guidelines-Phase 3-2016.pdf
PDF-Dokument [696.8 KB]
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