Call for Applications for Early Stage Energy Transaction Services by UECCC

The Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company (UECCC) provides support for power generation project developers and invites such developers to apply for a new support program with international consultancy services.

UECCC is in place to facilitate investments in Uganda’s high potential renewable energy sector.

UECCC’s mandate is to provide a reliable framework for pooling resources from Government, Investors and Development Partners and to channel the same to viable renewable energy projects.

The Company’s main objective is to provide financial, technical and other support for renewable energy infrastructure development in Uganda, with particular focus to enabling private sector participation.

With the support of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany through Kfw - the German Development Bank, UECCC is offering Early Stage Transaction Advisory Services. The overall budget is Euro 1,500,000. This is to be used to support Early Stage Transaction Advisory Services for a pipeline of about 15 Renewable Energy power generation projects. The Transaction Advisory Services will be provided by Lahmeyer International GmbH.

The Transaction Advisory Services to be provided by the UECCC Consultants will refer to the following menu:-

Service 1: Full Pre-feasibility Study
Service 2: Technical Evaluation of Milestone project studies
Service 3: Technical Validation of Environmental and Social Impact Statements and Resettlement Action Plan Statements (RAP), and assistance in filling potential gaps in ESIA and RAP studies to bring projects in conformance with International best practices (e.g. World Bank/IFC Safeguards) .
Service 4: Business Plan Development 
Service 5: Financial / Economic Modeling
Service 6: Market and Risk Assessment
Service 7: Marketing Projects to UECCC Participating Financial Institutions and other equity investors
Service 8: Valuing of Projects for sale

Eligibility Criteria:
Project developers applying for the Early Stage Transaction Advisory Services from the UECCC shall be required to fulfil at least the following criteria:
• The Developer must have appropriate documentation providing evidence of rights to develop the project (specifically the ERA permit).
• The applicant must be the owner of the project and the holder of the ERA permits, not a second or third party to the project.
• The project developer must demonstrate financial and other forms of commitment to the project such as initial preliminary studies already undertaken.
• The developer must submit a Project Identification Note (PIN) providing key details about the project which information should include a sufficient level of executed technical work on the project.
• The developer must submit a letter of introduction from a Financial Institution indicating their conditional support for the project. This does not necessarily imply financial commitment by the Financial Institution (“A flower letter “ or “Letter of Intent”).
• The developer must have experience in developing capital investment projects and sufficient technical/business knowledge in project management.

Invitation to Apply:
Private sector Renewable Energy project developers with Hydro, Solar, Biomass and Wind generation projects with capacities ranging from 1 MW -20 MW are hereby invited to formally apply to the Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company (UECCC) clearly specifying the Transaction Advisory Service/s from the above list for which support is required. 

The available support will be extended on a first come – first serve basis but subject to fulfilment of the eligibility criteria. A template of the information required under the Project Identification Note (PIN) can either be downloaded from the UECCC website OR collected in hard copy from the address below.

Applications should be hand delivered in hard form and a soft copy (CD) to:
The Managing Director
Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company
Amber House, Plot 29/33 Kampala Road, 3rd Floor, Block E
P. o. Box 29725, Kampala


For more information, please contact the UECCC at


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