Governance of the GFPPM

  • Steering Committee

The GET FiT Premium Payment Mechanism is governed by operational guidelines. Its main governing body is the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee comprises of one representative from each development partner contributing to the GET FiT Premium Payment Mechanism and  one representative from Government of Uganda. KfW, the World Bank and the GET FiT Secretariat have non-voting representation on the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee has the responsibility for determining the basic principles of the FiT Premium Payment Mechanism which includes the final approval of the operational guidelines and the nomination of members of the GET FiT Investment Committee.


  • Investment Committee

Members of the GET FiT Investment Committee will appraise applications for eligible small-scale renewable energy generation projects (1MW to 20MW) submitted to the GET FiT Premium Payment Mechanism in response to consecutive Request for Proposals. The Investment Committee comprises of 6 independent experts with backgrounds in renewable energy and project finance in Sub-Sahara Africa:

  • Mark Schwiete Head of Division Energy and Financial Sector East Africa, AU, DRC // KfW - Chair) 
  • Jim Cohen, Consultant (former executive director of Balfour Beatty plc and Executive Chairman of Empower Advisors Limited)
  • Professor Anton Eberhard (Director: Management Programme in Infrastructure Reform and Regulation Graduate School of Business University of Cape Town)
  • Siyanga Malumo (Head of Africana Finance and Investments)
  • Truls Holtedahl, (Senior Project Finance Analyst, Norconsult)
  • Silvia Kreibiehl (Head UNEP Collaborating Center, Frankfurt School)
  • Dr. Vincent Kasangaki (Grid expert, former ERA-Board member)


10 March 2017 - The GET FiT Annual Report 2016 is now available.

6 January 2017 - The first performance review and baseline report for the GET FiT Uganda programme has been published. 

December 2016 - Download the full press release for the inauguration of Uganda's first solar PV plant in Soroti. View a CNN feature on Soroti Solar.

October 2016 - Uganda climbs to second place in the Fieldstone Africa Renewables Index for renewable energy investments in Africa

May 2016 - GET FiT FORUM

Presentations can be downloaded here


Documentary (5 min) can be viewed here

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