Four PPA and IA for GET FiT projects signed



On January 22, 2015, DI Frontier and Jacobsen have signed Power Purchasing Agreements with UETCL and Implementation Agreements with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development for the Siti I, Siti II, Lubilia and Nengo Bridge projects. These projects have an accumluated capacity of 33 MW and will now swiftly advance towards financial close and construction start. 


It is expected that up to five further projects will sign their respective agreements with the authorities still in the first quarter of 2015.  







Uganda ranked 10th by Bloomberg in a global survey on investment climate and policies for clean energy investments among 55 emerging economies 

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The GET FiT Uganda facility has concluded its first year of implementation. For more detailed information on milestones achieved, please download the GET FiT Annual Report 2013 here.

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