4th GET FiT Financing agreement signed with Ugandan developer Hydromax

Deal done: Shakehands between KfW´s Head of Division for East Africa - Energy and Finance - Mark Schwiete with Mr. B. Venugopal Rao, Director of Hydromax (Nkusi) Limited. Waki SHP is a 4.5MW hydro project in the vicinity of Hoima.



The GET FiT Uganda facility has concluded its first year of implementation.

For more detailed information, please download the GET FiT Uganda Annual Report 2013 here


The GET FiT Secretariat wishes to inform interested developers that it is the intention of GoU and KfW to carry out a third and final request for proposals (RfP) regarding qualification for the GET FiT Premium Payment Mechanism in Q4 2014. The program continues to target up to 185 MW of clean renewable energy for the Ugandan National grid. The third RFP will generally follow the same procedures as the first two RFPs and will apply the same scoring criteria.

The Ugandan Energy Credit Capitalization Company (UECCC) has kicked off  its Early Stage Transaction Advisory Services


These Early Stage Transaction Advisory Services will support up to 15 eligible RE projects in various fields of project development. For more information, please click here or contact Brian D´Ujanga at UECCC under bdujanga@ueccc.or.ug.

The World Bank has published the Project Information Document (PID) on their IDA Partial Risk Guarantee offering under the GET FiT Uganda program.


For information on available guarantee components and implementation schedules, please download the PID document here.

The Standardized PPA under the GET FiT program has been published by UETCL after approval through the relavant authorities. By streamlining the power purchase agreements, transaction costs for developers under the REFiT will be significantly reduced, offtaker and regulatory risk mitigated and, hence, privat investment incentivized.


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